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Look Mom, Beer Mugs Got Us In The Wall Street Journal!

Posted on 18 April 2013

A couple of weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal published an article entitled "Fresh Threads," ultimately an Ode to the American Prepster Style.  We dig it. Not only did the WSJ pay tribute to the history of the classic prep style, but they also paid homage to those of us out there who take a "sillier" approach.  They even went as far as to dub us as one of the "cleverest clothes" of the season.

The part that hit home for us at Castaway came from Band of Outsiders Designer, Scott Sternberg: 

"It's the notion of crazy pants," said Mr. Sternberg, referring to the boldly colored or patterned trousers that are a preppy staple. "It's within the genre of conversational ties: those humorous moments when menswear gets silly in its design." Silly, perhaps, but this bit of wardrobe wit always remains stylish.


Here's a peak at some of the products featured & the witty iconography in "Fresh Threads."


                                               Castaway Cisco Short with Beer Mugs
                                             Thom Browne Jacket with Whales

  Castaway Cisco Short with Woody Wagon

 Vans "Feathers" 

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